Community Organizations

2022 Update: This page lists community organizations where Literature for All of Us book groups could be found in its final years.

Self-portraits from students at Sullivan High School, traced on sheets of acetate and painted with acrylics. 

Connecting Through Book Groups at Community Organizations

community-organizations-artWe’ve found rich and varied opportunities in collaborating with the community organizations below. Our model is portable, in that it can be replicated across a wide variety of environments, as seen in the diverse array of community organizations listed below.

With each site, Literature for All of Us works closely with our partners to ensure that our program is implemented effectively.

We engage each population with literature, poetry, and writing projects that aim to align with their own experiences, making the book group space a meaningful and purposeful space for healing and growth.

Our Partners:

“Books saved me, and not in some detached, suspense-filled way…I realized that the stories that touched me most were the ones I related to. In essence, I fell in love with my own story.”

— Jerusalem Singleton, Poet, Literature for All of Us Alumna