Virtual Programming

2022 Update: This page lists virtual programming

available during the organization’s final years.

Still: (1) to arrest the motion of; (2) always, continually

To stay. To continue. One word that seems to perfectly reflect the paradoxical state of the world we find ourselves in today, especially in the time of Covid-19. We’ve all been invited, admonished, instructed to stay still. Hold still. Keep still. Stay where we are. We’re all trying to still our minds, our anxieties, our fears. 

But we also have been called to continue. To carry on with the business of being human. To still connect. To still live. To still work. To still read and write and grow.

Literature for All of Us is proud to share our interactive programming series #StillWrite, using the power of literature to tap into the rich, creative intersection that lies between pausing and continuing. We’re presenting quotes, poems, and other texts, along with writing exercises that provide an outlet for processing and creating during our ever-altered, ever-shifting reality—all hosted via our Instagram page below. Join us at any point in your day — take a moment to hold still, and to still write with us.